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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two days autocrossing in Bowie

The Slowe Azz had a great two days of autocrossing in Bowie this weekend.  On Saturday, 9/25 the day was spent with CDC.  In my opinion, the best metro DC club. They have a large number of events at a good variation of locations. Casual, friendly atmosphere with tunes and food. It was a great turn out with many skilled racers showing up which made my final result really respectable for me and 67 points towards the season championship.  The next day saw cool temps and a light drizzle for my first running with PCA, the Porsche club also at the Bowie location.  PCA used the entire lot space.  Steve "the hammer" also came out for a second day with his new to him budget miata.  The weather caused a lighter than expected turn out so we all got 8 runs! Made for a bit of a long stint working. Your friendly author naturally didn't bring a jacket or warmer gear, brrr! It was nice to finally have some close up and personal time with slaloms, though the two round-abouts in the upper most area dear reader was crap, mainly because I don't like those. lol   I managed to get into the mid 58s in this huge course. FTD was taken by a Camero which gave a great what for to all those pricey Porsches!  A nice 914, 944 and old 911t were present. The red headed step child section included three miatas, camero, a Beemer and one or two S2000s not to mention some other odds and ends.  PCA seemed like a good bunch of folks & I think I'll run with them some more.  Looking forward to the results to see how things turned out.

 Vids from the weekend's races

Photos from the weekend's races

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shaping up to be a good day in Bowie. sun shining, tires squealing, exhaust fumes in the air.