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Friday, November 19, 2010

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Happy Holidays!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

11/13 autocross with PCA

   This past Saturday saw me and the mighty Slowe Azz meeting up with the Porsche Club of America for an autocross event in Bowie, MD.  Several other pals also came out to play: James, Jim, Elio, Alan & Katie. Alan had a couple shots at FTD in the morning where the afternoon became a battle between Jim & Joe with the 'rolla taking the final FTD spot. As per the club, it had a fair amount of loops and circles. After the chills of the fall morning wore off, it was a great warm, sunny day.  I managed to dip into the 65's by day's end, we'll see how that compares when the results are published.

 11/13 PCA pics

In car video

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween AX with CDC

  Ran with CDC at HGS today for a non-points event. Had lots of fun racing in my Hot Rod costume piloting the Slowe Azz along with Ed and Dan.  10/31 CDC event photos .  Also created our own version of "Pass Time" by guessing the run times for CDC event coupons.  Should be a fun addition to the 2011 season.  Only three more events in the DC area this autocross season.  I'll be running in two of those. Then it's a long, cold winter until the 2011 season. Should I try and play in Rallycross?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

As the winter break approaches do i spend the off time preparing for str, get a cheap ax focused car or get something cheap to try rally next season?

Monday, October 11, 2010

holiday weekend racing

Christopher Columbus may have not "discovered" America but he did give a three day weekend to the US.  I and the mighty Slowe Azz attended two racing events.  Saturday morning started things of right with Capital Driving Club in Bowie, MD.  As usual, it was a good course with a great atmosphere. Starting to warm up a bit at this location in direct proportion to improving there. Placed well on the long list of talented drivers and even a bit surprised at some of the skilled names south of me on the results list!  One talented fellow miata racer, Dan has jokingly mentioned the Slowe Azz has become false advertisement.  Afterward a group of CDC regulars popped over nearby for some grub n brew. Mysteriously the usual racing mischief and humor was non-existent... yeah, right!  =)  Early the next morning saw me on the long trek to Winchester, the lonely life of the racer on the road. After a stop for fuel for the miata and me, ending up at the location. This spot is quickly becoming me second favorite after Waldorf. A long, fast course layout allowed for some cobweb cleaning from the engine, poor little 2.0 was badly outgunned.  Just like the corny fill Rudy, I piloting the MX5 wouldn't give in and we gave all of those expensive Mercedes Benz machines a good "what for" resulting in twelfth place overall with only 4 MBs bettering my time. (Truthfully MBs are one of the few exotics I would consider owning- if I could-like an SLK) I swear, except for the two small sweepers (one of which was tricky being off camber) the entire time the throttle was mashed down. No photos as prior the camera decided to do some daisy pushing. Rest assured though gentle reader, a new one was acquired. Tony Hawk rode along and did capture some in car vids though.
In car vids from Tony H. of my runs
Sadly the penultimate events by most autocross clubs are drawing nigh.  Frederick and Summit Point are coming up at the end of the month.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two days autocrossing in Bowie

The Slowe Azz had a great two days of autocrossing in Bowie this weekend.  On Saturday, 9/25 the day was spent with CDC.  In my opinion, the best metro DC club. They have a large number of events at a good variation of locations. Casual, friendly atmosphere with tunes and food. It was a great turn out with many skilled racers showing up which made my final result really respectable for me and 67 points towards the season championship.  The next day saw cool temps and a light drizzle for my first running with PCA, the Porsche club also at the Bowie location.  PCA used the entire lot space.  Steve "the hammer" also came out for a second day with his new to him budget miata.  The weather caused a lighter than expected turn out so we all got 8 runs! Made for a bit of a long stint working. Your friendly author naturally didn't bring a jacket or warmer gear, brrr! It was nice to finally have some close up and personal time with slaloms, though the two round-abouts in the upper most area dear reader was crap, mainly because I don't like those. lol   I managed to get into the mid 58s in this huge course. FTD was taken by a Camero which gave a great what for to all those pricey Porsches!  A nice 914, 944 and old 911t were present. The red headed step child section included three miatas, camero, a Beemer and one or two S2000s not to mention some other odds and ends.  PCA seemed like a good bunch of folks & I think I'll run with them some more.  Looking forward to the results to see how things turned out.

 Vids from the weekend's races

Photos from the weekend's races

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shaping up to be a good day in Bowie. sun shining, tires squealing, exhaust fumes in the air.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dr. StrangeAx or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the Bowie lot

So, even though I enjoy any autocross event and the local club scene, I've never liked the Bowie location & pavement and have usually tanked hard.  Well, like Alice through the glass, that changed on 08/28 when I raced there with CDC.  The social aspect of the group was great as always. The course was very nicely laid out and all racers got in seven runs. Yet another round a bout layout- are crop circles appearing in ax? The Morans brought their new cobra out to play.  I even actually got some of my best times there! Afterward a small group of competitors went out for some food & brew at a local spot where it was revealed for the first time in public that Sam Adams is the official drink of ax.

These great shots of the Slowe Azz were provided by Steve "the Hammer" who recently joined the miata fold with a nice white na and hopefully pushed that Capri (choke, wheeze) off a high cliff.

So, has the curse of Bowie been lifted? Was it the new sticker and hat from Autocrossr Gifts? Thanks to CDC and all the racers that came out to the event for a great day.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

deja vu or can I play with madness on a merry go round from hell

So, day 2 of the double header autocross weekend has drawn to a close.  Both times at the same Winchester location.  Time for my Springer style reflection wrap up.  I really enjoyed running today with the Mercedes Benz club greater Washington sector.  This was was first time with this group.  The CDC membership discount is much appreciated and they were a good group of folks.  No advanced registration, just run what ya brung.  3 heats and six runs over by 2:30. Some little differences but the main one is your morning runs do not count for point standing, only the afternoon. No number needed and pax is used via SCCA classing.  Tech is a bit more involved than some other clubs.  For the second half of the post title, please refer to the course map with this photo:
I'll be having round-a-bout nightmares for a very long time. Chant the mantra with me "full circle counter-clockwise, mini circle counter clockwise, circle and a half clockwise then out." (good, I knew you could!) The course was a lot of fun with several long fast sections.  Good use of the space allowed for a long run time & two cars on course.  I'll definitely run with this group again.  Here are a few photos I took MBCOA -GWS ax at Winchester pics and of course the in car vids brought to you by my pal Tony: MBCOA-WGS ax vids

UPDATE: results are in. Yours truly got 2nd in class (STR) and 11th overall with a 69.877 raw time and 58.836 index time.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Great day of AX

    So today was part uno of a two part weekend of autocross racing at Winchester.  Today was with CDC for a total of seven runs. A reversed start/stop and a long down and back layout made for quite a quick course that made all of the HP folks happy.  I must admit, even being in a nimble, lower horsepower car I still really enjoyed the course.  Can't figure out why so many people continually went off course, even I did on my first run. The new tires are starting to settle in nicely. Looking forward to trying out the Mercedes Benz club tomorrow. 
vids from in the car of 5 runs
pics from today's event

Sunday, August 15, 2010

two days of AX this upcoming weekend at Winchester

This upcoming weekend will be an autocross marathon/smorgasbord/extravaganza extraordinaire with two days of runs at Winchester (a really good lot) between CDC and MBCA.  Looking like a minimum of 12 runs total for $50 and no hotel as would be needed if I was still going to the TSCC championship event in Virginia Beach.  This will be my first time running with MBCA so so should be interesting.  They kindly offer a discount to CDC members which is great news.  I will be sure to take photos at both and of course update on the details of the events!  If you'd like to join in, you can register with CDC online for Saturday and MBCA only offers walk-up registration on-site at 8AM on Sunday. For more info, check out both groups' websites in my link section & calendar. Looking forward to seeing some Mercs.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

8/14 NCCBMW ax at Bowie, MD

Fun was had at Bowie with NCCBMW at event#6 for the cub season. Got lots of exercise as folks were not running clean and coning like crazy in the first section of the course, especially at the first sharp bend and right after the sweeper. Myself included. Almost went home with a souvenir as a wayward cone was discovered underneath the Slowe Azz a run or two later. No photos taken but do have some videos from in the car.
NCCBMW 8/14 ax videos of 5 runs

The results are up and posted.  Leave it to James N to take top honors in his class with only one completed run due to brake problems.  Myself in the Slowe Azz did indeed tank fairly heavily and can only be consoled in the few points earned towards the championship & that one class competitor moved to another class from getting a new car. This tends to follow my usual outcome at this location. Was the lot built on ancient burial grounds? Anyone know a shaman?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New sticky tires

Nothing like new, squeaky clean sticky tires!
Just had Dunlop Star Specs installed this morning at PBC Automotive.  Although for some reason I didn't take a photo, it was nice to see a repair shop with a long row of Miatas parked there.  My prior Yokohamas were so badly hard, worn doorstops they migh make it to their shelf of shame (though they'd need a bigger shelf!) I'll be sure to update my thoughs after a few miles and a few ax events. I borrowed a set from a guy to try at a previous Winchester event with CDC and averaged a guestimate 1 second drop in times.  Definately stickier and noiser than the Yokos. Sorry about the lame cell phones photos!  I chose these tires because EVERYONE seems to like and run them and they offer a bit more wet traction than the Bridgestone RE-11s acording to Tire Rack.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

final results posted for CDC 08/07

Final results have been posted for the 08/07 autocross with CDC at Winchester, VA.  Congrats to the FFR cobra one-two punch by Wade & Fred for FTD and runner up. Multiple use of choice cones allowed for a multitude of line choices with only one hidden fast option, otherwise you made subtle slaloms and not a straight shot.  The lot is great, good sized, sticky pavement with an off camber option if the course is run accordingly.  Extra sweeping to clean off debris further will only make this one better.  My tires are lumps of hardened petrified wood by this point and I paid dearly in times as a result.  Fresh rubber is to be installed tomorrow so from then on there won't be cause for excuses, other than crap driving!  =)

CDC results

Monday, August 9, 2010

Here's some great gear to wear at your next autocross or club meet!

Cone graphic list with: autocross dues, new tires, aftermarket suspension parts, feeling like a pro racer for a day... priceless!  White Tee is organic cotton or choose your color on the baseball style jersey.  Either option will seem to add 6 HP & show you're a serious ax competitor. Now that is priceless!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

the machine

Originally uploaded by gohmchin
Here's the current cone killer, 2008 NC miata. Aftermarket sways and springs.

location: Summit Point motorsports park WV

Local write up of CDC event

Potomac Local


Welcome to my new blog!  Getting ready for an AX event this upcoming Saturday in Bowie with NCCBMW.  New tires will be going on the miata mid next week.  The Autocrossr gifts shop is now open with many great products with various AX themed logos and designs to share your autocross passion.  Be sure to check back often for new items and designs.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Here are some videos and pictures from today's event with CDC at Winchester.  Had a great time, course was much more complex than it looked with multiple use of "choose your path cones" but one ideal line.

 In car vids

Pics of event