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Monday, October 11, 2010

holiday weekend racing

Christopher Columbus may have not "discovered" America but he did give a three day weekend to the US.  I and the mighty Slowe Azz attended two racing events.  Saturday morning started things of right with Capital Driving Club in Bowie, MD.  As usual, it was a good course with a great atmosphere. Starting to warm up a bit at this location in direct proportion to improving there. Placed well on the long list of talented drivers and even a bit surprised at some of the skilled names south of me on the results list!  One talented fellow miata racer, Dan has jokingly mentioned the Slowe Azz has become false advertisement.  Afterward a group of CDC regulars popped over nearby for some grub n brew. Mysteriously the usual racing mischief and humor was non-existent... yeah, right!  =)  Early the next morning saw me on the long trek to Winchester, the lonely life of the racer on the road. After a stop for fuel for the miata and me, ending up at the location. This spot is quickly becoming me second favorite after Waldorf. A long, fast course layout allowed for some cobweb cleaning from the engine, poor little 2.0 was badly outgunned.  Just like the corny fill Rudy, I piloting the MX5 wouldn't give in and we gave all of those expensive Mercedes Benz machines a good "what for" resulting in twelfth place overall with only 4 MBs bettering my time. (Truthfully MBs are one of the few exotics I would consider owning- if I could-like an SLK) I swear, except for the two small sweepers (one of which was tricky being off camber) the entire time the throttle was mashed down. No photos as prior the camera decided to do some daisy pushing. Rest assured though gentle reader, a new one was acquired. Tony Hawk rode along and did capture some in car vids though.
In car vids from Tony H. of my runs
Sadly the penultimate events by most autocross clubs are drawing nigh.  Frederick and Summit Point are coming up at the end of the month.

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