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Friday, April 29, 2011

Lots of new changes, just not lots of new posts

  So there has been some major updates with team Slowe Azz for the start of the 2011 autocross season.  (just not a lot of major post updates, sorry!)The mx5 has now gone into semi-retirement from racing with the addition of a 1986 Corolla GTS (AE86).  This car has the 20v 1.6 blacktop motor installed, aftermarket exhaust, koni coilovers, manual steering, no HVAC, upgraded front sway, partially stripped interior with racing seats & harness, seam welded and much more.  Also with this addition have plunged into the deep pool of r-compound tires.  Pictures and video will be added soon as so far it has only seen one race.  Next event is tomorrow in Frederick, MD. The 'Rolla has been dubbed the Millennium Falcon ("she doesn't look like much but she has it where it counts") and occasionally requires a good smack to get the hyperdrive working.  =)  The MX5 still remains Slowe Azz and together they create Vegan Powered Racing Team.

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