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Sunday, August 22, 2010

deja vu or can I play with madness on a merry go round from hell

So, day 2 of the double header autocross weekend has drawn to a close.  Both times at the same Winchester location.  Time for my Springer style reflection wrap up.  I really enjoyed running today with the Mercedes Benz club greater Washington sector.  This was was first time with this group.  The CDC membership discount is much appreciated and they were a good group of folks.  No advanced registration, just run what ya brung.  3 heats and six runs over by 2:30. Some little differences but the main one is your morning runs do not count for point standing, only the afternoon. No number needed and pax is used via SCCA classing.  Tech is a bit more involved than some other clubs.  For the second half of the post title, please refer to the course map with this photo:
I'll be having round-a-bout nightmares for a very long time. Chant the mantra with me "full circle counter-clockwise, mini circle counter clockwise, circle and a half clockwise then out." (good, I knew you could!) The course was a lot of fun with several long fast sections.  Good use of the space allowed for a long run time & two cars on course.  I'll definitely run with this group again.  Here are a few photos I took MBCOA -GWS ax at Winchester pics and of course the in car vids brought to you by my pal Tony: MBCOA-WGS ax vids

UPDATE: results are in. Yours truly got 2nd in class (STR) and 11th overall with a 69.877 raw time and 58.836 index time.

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