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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New sticky tires

Nothing like new, squeaky clean sticky tires!
Just had Dunlop Star Specs installed this morning at PBC Automotive.  Although for some reason I didn't take a photo, it was nice to see a repair shop with a long row of Miatas parked there.  My prior Yokohamas were so badly hard, worn doorstops they migh make it to their shelf of shame (though they'd need a bigger shelf!) I'll be sure to update my thoughs after a few miles and a few ax events. I borrowed a set from a guy to try at a previous Winchester event with CDC and averaged a guestimate 1 second drop in times.  Definately stickier and noiser than the Yokos. Sorry about the lame cell phones photos!  I chose these tires because EVERYONE seems to like and run them and they offer a bit more wet traction than the Bridgestone RE-11s acording to Tire Rack.


1 comment:

  1. Good shit John. Hopefully we'll be able to see an improvement in the gap between your old times and your new times in X4 this weekend.