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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

final results posted for CDC 08/07

Final results have been posted for the 08/07 autocross with CDC at Winchester, VA.  Congrats to the FFR cobra one-two punch by Wade & Fred for FTD and runner up. Multiple use of choice cones allowed for a multitude of line choices with only one hidden fast option, otherwise you made subtle slaloms and not a straight shot.  The lot is great, good sized, sticky pavement with an off camber option if the course is run accordingly.  Extra sweeping to clean off debris further will only make this one better.  My tires are lumps of hardened petrified wood by this point and I paid dearly in times as a result.  Fresh rubber is to be installed tomorrow so from then on there won't be cause for excuses, other than crap driving!  =)

CDC results

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