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Sunday, August 15, 2010

two days of AX this upcoming weekend at Winchester

This upcoming weekend will be an autocross marathon/smorgasbord/extravaganza extraordinaire with two days of runs at Winchester (a really good lot) between CDC and MBCA.  Looking like a minimum of 12 runs total for $50 and no hotel as would be needed if I was still going to the TSCC championship event in Virginia Beach.  This will be my first time running with MBCA so so should be interesting.  They kindly offer a discount to CDC members which is great news.  I will be sure to take photos at both and of course update on the details of the events!  If you'd like to join in, you can register with CDC online for Saturday and MBCA only offers walk-up registration on-site at 8AM on Sunday. For more info, check out both groups' websites in my link section & calendar. Looking forward to seeing some Mercs.


  1. I may take you up on your offer to drive your car this weekend. Things are not looking up for the Viriginia Autocross Championship.

  2. Not a problem, let me know which event (or both) this weekend. If you were on FB you could vote in my poll to decide which event I do on 8/28, ax inc at waldorf for $60 OR cdc at Bowie for $25.

  3. I'll be co-driving a Z4 for this weekend at the Autocross Championship. I have to work down here during the weekend anyway =/

    I have a super fun Friday of driving home from Hampton, picking up a transmission from Slava (YAY!!!! I've been waiting for this for months and awesome timing with the Corolla crapping out and needing another car!), picking the new wheels/r-comps for the MR2, doing laundry and then driving back to Hampton.